Frequently Asked Questions

What's this site for?

The purpose of this site is to give a free english-spanish exchange in aid of improving and practicing the language that you are learning.

I'm a teacher looking for a class exchange

If you have a class of students and wish to exchange with another class of the opposite practicing language you can do this by writing in the form field entitled "About You", that you are looking for a class exchange rather than a single one.

I want to delete my listing

If you would like to delete your listing then please contact us with a link to the page you're listing is on.

Can I post more than one listing?

You may post a listing every 5 pages maximum.

I see errors

If you see any errors including broken links then please contact us immediately.

I've received abuse/SPAM

If you are receiving abusive emails, SPAM or any other inappropriate emails then please contact us immediately with the id found on you email so that we can access the situation and block the senders email from our system. If we get any more complaints and find it is the same IP address sending the emails, then that IP will be blocked from this site.