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Name: Manuel
Age: 43
Location: Spain
Learning English
Email Manuel
Message: I started tolearn English done years ago and now I am enjoying knowing culture and people.
I would like to be helpful to Spanish learners and to practise Mt English.
Un saludo

Name: Sophia
Age: 16
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Sophia
Message: 16 years old, learning spanish at school and would really like to practise speaking with someone who speaks spanish.

Name: nel
Age: 21
Location: china
Learning Spanish
Email nel
Message: hola estoy desde chino tambiem hablo ingles ....hope to find a penpal who can help me with my spainish or just be friends....if u wanna learn chinese ,i will be happy to help...hear from u soon...gracias

Name: Madaline
Age: 66
Location: Malaga
Learning Spanish
Email Madaline
Message: I have been living in Spain for 5 years and go to classes each week, but would like to improve my reading and writing.

Name: shellie
Age: 21
Location: england
Learning Spanish
Email shellie
Message: i would love to learn spanish and learn someone english

Name: Tess
Age: 18
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Tess
Message: I'm a senior in high school and this is my 5th year learning Spanish. I have visited a few Spanish speaking countries and really want to become fluent. I know enough to have basic conversations, but I still have a lot to learn. I'm really advanced in English, so if you speak Spanish and want to learn English I can help!

Name: Savannah
Age: 23
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Savannah
Message: Me llamo Savannah. Estudio español en la universidad. Tengo 23 años. No hablo español bien. I want to practice spanish more with someone. My grammer is bad as well.

Name: Tyrone
Age: 34
Location: u.s.a
Learning Spanish
Email Tyrone
Message: I want to learn Spanish. Lol please help me.

Name: Antonio
Age: 43
Location: Indonesia
Learning Spanish
Email Antonio
Message: Hola, soy profesor de español en una escuela internacional y busco compañeros para mis estudiantes. Tengo doce estudiantes que quieren nuevos amigos de correspondencia. Gracias, Sr. Antonio

Name: s.sadasivam
Age: 73
Location: INDIA
Learning Spanish
Email s.sadasivam
Message: I want to talk in Spanish without mistake. At now I am in u s a in my son's home. After September I will be in my native country (INDIA). I am learning Spanish from 2006 onwards. I am not able to speak. Because, in our country, there is no Spanish people. So, I am always maintaining my Spanish only through writting. I am struggling lot lot. Kindly help me to talk in Spanish. s.sadasivam - INDIA

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