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Name: Tabitha
Age: 23
Location: Grenada
Learning Spanish
Email Tabitha
Message: I'm a sophisticated young lady who is very amiable and loves spanish hence I want to further develop my speech and writing. You'll enjoy my company for sure , muahhhhhh

Name: Lia
Age: 43
Location: Brazil
Learning Spanish
Email Lia
Message: A mi me gustaria hacer amigos y practicar el idioma espanol. Escribeme pronto. Hasta Luego, Lia

Name: Daryl O'Dell
Age: 78
Location: united states
Learning Spanish
Email Daryl O'Dell
Message: I live in the country, 10 miles out of town. I have 10 acres of land. comfortable home and have three out door cats . I play a guitar a tiny amount , i enjoy american old time hill
billy type music. I want very much to learn spanish, can read and write some but need to learn more . Perhaps I could help someone learn english .e send me a note , I
would be happy to hear from you . thank tyiou ..... Daryl....

Name: Emma Abrahamson
Age: 15
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Emma Abrahamson
Message: I am a 15 year old girl that lives in the United States. I lived in Wisconsin till i was 11 year old but that i moved to Zimmerman Minnesota. I am a dancer and soon to be soccer manager.

Name: Marie
Age: 16
Location: usa
Learning Spanish
Email Marie
Message: I would love to improve my Spanish so any Spanish speakers out there don't be afraid to help me! And I'll help with anyone's english! Gracias!

Name: Coleman
Age: 15
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Coleman
Message: Looking for someone that knows some English and knowsmspanish to help me practice

Name: Nicole
Age: 32
Location: St.Kitts
Learning Spanish
Email Nicole
Message: I am soo interested in this language and the flavors of the people...I'm willing to learn from you and help you at the same time....Adios!

Name: Kodee
Age: 27
Location: Texas
Learning Spanish
Email Kodee
Message: I grew up in a bilingual household, but I know only basic Spanish. My goal is to become fluent in 2 years.

Name: Shelby Leigh
Age: 20
Location: Birmingham, Al, United States
Learning Spanish
Email Shelby Leigh
Message: Hello There!

I would like to meet someone to help me learn and refine my Spanish. I am currently able to read, write, and speak very little Spanish, but I'm wiki g towards fluency every day! I would like to get to know someone, and I'll gladly talk about anything from your culture to favorite movies. :D. Also, I will gladly help teach you English as well.

Have a great day!

- Shelby Leigh

Name: Paige
Age: 14
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Paige
Message: Hello, my name is Paige and I am studying Spanish. I would really like to improve my Spanish skills (speaking, writing and reading.) I am also more than happy to help you improve your English :)

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