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Name: Andy
Age: 25
Location: Boston
Learning Spanish
Email Andy
Message: I'd like to polish up on my conversational Spanish/vocab, and having a penpal seems like a good way to do it :)

Name: Alex
Age: 17
Location: Jamaica
Learning Spanish
Email Alex
Message: Hola! Soy un estudiante que tratando de hablar espanol! Hago el espanol en la escuela, pero necesito mas. Hablo espanol solamente un poco. I can teach you English as well. I am a star English student and I would be very willing to help you to gain fluency in the language. So please, please, please contact me if interested!

Name: Fer
Age: 41
Location: Spain
Learning English
Email Fer
Message: Hello:
My name is Fer, I'm Spanish, and I would like to practise English, and I can help with Spanish too.
I'd like to write emails, or to use skype, but I'm not very good with listening and speaking...
If you want, write me and we could practise both languages.

Name: Aidee
Age: 22
Location: México
Learning English
Email Aidee
Message: Hola soy mexicana de corazón y por convicción, quisiera aprender inglés, si eres una persona agradable, jóven y que le gusta platicar, tú eres la perfecta para que me ayudes o mutuamente nos ayudemos a aprender. Hello I am Mexican heart and conviction, would like to learn English, if you're a nice person, young and likes to talk, you're the perfect to help me and we help each other learn.

Name: Hannah
Age: 17
Location: U.S.A.
Learning Spanish
Email Hannah
Message: I'm just an average high school student looking for someone to help me learn Spanish. (We need to have a penpal for Spanish class.)

Name: Jenna
Age: 17
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Jenna
Message: I am a senior in highschool looking to improve my Spanish skills.

Name: Kendra
Age: 17
Location: Georgia, US
Learning Spanish
Email Kendra
Message: HI ! I'm just your average senior high school girl. I like to read, listen to music, dance, and go to the movies.

Name: Randy
Age: 39
Location: California, USA
Learning Spanish
Email Randy
Message: Looking for someone to help me with my Spanish. Emails and phone conversations will be very helpful.

Name: sweetgirl01
Age: 25
Location: sierra leone
Learning Spanish
Email sweetgirl01
Message: How is life with you, i hope you are fine and good. however i,ll like to introduce my self to you.i am patricia,a healthly and beautiful girl.i am interested in having you as my friend/love/partner and to exchange language .so if you are interested contact me,i will send you my picture and full profile as soon as you contact me immediately. for more discussion. THANK,s

Name: marcquis thomas
Age: 17
Location: trinidad and tobago
Learning Spanish
Email marcquis thomas
Message: REally want to learn spanish love sports and love tv

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