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Name: forrest_jump
Age: 30
Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Switzerland
Learning Spanish
Email forrest_jump
Message: I'm Bosnian, but I currently live and study in Switzerland. I'm searching for a Spanish pen-pal, who can help me with language, since I've just started:-P In exchange I can offer English, German (on an advanced level), or some of my native languages (Serbo- Croatian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian). I would like to interact with people approximately my age: 27-36... I'm looking forward to hearing from you....:-D Greetings from Bern...

Name: Jacob
Age: 15
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Jacob
Message: Hola soy Jacob, Vivo en América y hablo ingles pero he estado estudiando mi español y me gustaría hablar con alguien quien que me ayuda con modismos y cosas común a nativos. Mi familia es de Panamá así personas de Panamá son bienvenidas. Muchas gracias

Name: Louisa Xiluva Hill
Age: 15
Location: Mozambique
Learning Spanish
Email Louisa Xiluva Hill
Message: Hola! Me llamo Xiluva pero puedes me llamar Lulu. Hablo ingles y estoy estudiando Espanol. Me gustaria conocer personas de 15 a 18 anos para me ayudar mejorar mi Espanol.

Name: Kate
Age: 22
Location: Australia
Learning Spanish
Email Kate
Message: I am currently studying. I would love to improve my spanish and help others with their english.

Name: Lena
Age: 12
Location: Montgomery
Learning Spanish
Email Lena
Message: I love animals and I have just experience losing my 15 year old cousin and friend she died in a car accident
I need a friend to cheer me up

Name: David Tuck
Age: 18
Location: Manchester (England)
Learning Spanish
Email David Tuck
Message: Hola,

Me llamo David y soy de manchester en Inglaterra. He estudiado al espanol hace 7 anos (en este momento a la universidad) y quiero aprender mas. Estoy buscando para la conversacion y charlar practicarlo y en cambio puedo ayudar con el ingles.
Me gusta el futbol, el tenis, las peliculas, la musica y mucho mas :)

Espero hablar pronto :)

Name: Keely Hendricks
Age: 14
Location: Tennessee, United States
Learning Spanish
Email Keely Hendricks
Message: Likes: traveling, camping, hiking, riding horses, wake-surfing, going on the boat, tennis, golf, poetry
Dislikes: shopping, math

Name: Catherine McGahan
Age: 22
Location: united kingdom
Learning Spanish
Email Catherine McGahan
Message: I am looking for a Spanish friend who can speak fluent English.
I have only just started learning the basics of the Spanish language but would like a pen-pal when I have a better vocabulary and can type in Spanish.

I hope to live and work in Spain one day with my family.

Name: sandy jobe
Age: 23
Location: Gambia
Learning Spanish
Email sandy jobe
Message: I am Sandra by name from a well responsible family who likes everything that is essential in humans life, my hobbies include reading, hiking, travelling, swimming, dancing and watchin movies. I am looking for a man who knows the real meaning of true love and can show me love with care. My email adress is ( incase if you wish to find true love.

Name: sandra jobe
Age: 23
Location: GAMBIA
Learning Spanish
Email sandra jobe
Message: I am Snadra by name from a wll responsible family who is looking for a trused man to start a relationship with. My Hobbies include reading, hiking, traveling, swimming, dancing and watching movies. my email incase u wanna get me (

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