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Name: Candice
Age: 22
Location: Virginia
Learning Spanish
Email Candice
Message: Hi, i really want to learn spanish. I know a lot of vocab but have a hard time making sentences and want to be more confident so i can begin speaking

Name: Stéphanie
Age: 18
Location: Pelotas, Brazil
Learning Spanish
Email Stéphanie
Message: My name is Stéphanie. I'm 18 years old. My native language is Portuguese but I'm learning English and Spanish. I'd like to talk with different and interesting people.

Name: Clarise
Age: 31
Location: Huntsville, AL
Learning Spanish
Email Clarise
Message: Actually have a degree in the Spanish language but have not used it in years and need help retaining it.

Name: Erwin Stuffle
Age: 16
Location: Barbados
Learning Spanish
Email Erwin Stuffle
Message: i am fun loving and really like spanish. would love to help anyone, preferably my age, with their english iff they can me with spanish too. also, since i live in a Caribbean country i also know dialects and slangs.

Name: Kari
Age: 18
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Kari
Message: Hello! My name's Kari. I want to improve my Spanish and help anyone learn English. In college, I'm actually going to be majoring in both Spanish and English. Please email me if you would like to get help with your English and if you wouldn't mind helping me with my Spanish.

Hola! Me llamo Kari! Yo quiero mejorar mi español y ayudar las personas aprender ingles. En la universidad, yo estudiaré ingles y español. Yo quiero te hablar a tu. Lo siento si mi español no es muy bueno. Yo mejoraré!

Name: Sandra
Age: 26
Location: Germany
Learning Spanish
Email Sandra
Message: Hola,

estoy buscando alguien para practicar el español por correo electronico. Soy una estudiente de Derecho, tengo 26 años y vivo en Alemania.

Estoy esperando para tus mensajes! ;)

Name: Anna
Age: 16
Location: Uk
Learning Spanish
Email Anna
Message: Hey, my name is annabella, im from england, 16years of age and i really want to learn spanish (:
Hope this site gets me started as a beginner as i know no spanish :(
Okay thank you for reading!

Name: Rachel
Age: 34
Location: Papua new Guinea
Learning Spanish
Email Rachel
Message: Hi, am a missionary. I worked in a Spanish country for a few years and learned Spanish, now i am in png and don't have anyone to speak Spanish with. I would like to practice with someone and help them learn English also

Name: Elizabeth
Age: 20
Location: Perú
Learning English
Email Elizabeth
Message: se supone que se ambos idiomas, lo que pasa es que me falta practica con el ingles, pero normal puedo enseñar español.

Name: Sam Varghese
Age: 38
Location: India
Learning Spanish
Email Sam Varghese
Message: I am from Kerala, India. I was working with Air Force for some years then shifted to the field of tourism. Presently engaged in facilitating inbound and domestic holidays. Looking forward to meet some Spanish speaking people to learn the language.

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