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Name: Danny Perry
Age: 23
Location: Liverpool, England.
Learning Spanish
Email Danny Perry
Message: Im 23 and live in liverpool. I have been learning spanish now for about 4months. i am at a beginners level and would like to have some email conversations just to practice my reading and sentence building skills.

Hopefully this can be a fun way to practice spanish, just send me an email and i will always reply :)

Name: naeem
Age: 45
Location: Egypt
Learning Spanish
Email naeem
Message: i,am very reliable man any one can depend on me .

Name: Luke Hopkins
Age: 17
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Luke Hopkins
Message: I'm eager to learn Spanish to a fairly proficient degree and am willing to put the work in if someone is willing to help me

Name: Yvonne
Age: 27
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Yvonne
Message: I've started a degree in Modern Languages, Spanish being one of them. I love learning Spanish but I need someone to practice with!

Name: Paul Blankenship-Smith
Age: 29
Location: California
Learning Spanish
Email Paul Blankenship-Smith
Message: Hello! I am a graduate student in California, and I would like a pen pal from Latin America to practice my spanish with.

I am interested in a pen pal that would like to write letters and send them through international mail; I am not interested in having a pen pal through email. I think that would be more fun and interesting. If you are interested in this, please send me an email so that we can exchange addresses.


Name: Mariana Goeun
Age: 18
Location: Korea
Learning Spanish
Email Mariana Goeun
Message: Hi, I'm Mariana, 18year old girl from Korea. I'm planning to go to Spain to study next year so I'm practicing Spanish. But I don't have enough chances to practice speaking so I want somebody to talk with me in English. I also may able to help you in English. I hope to talk to you soon. Email me and have a nice day! Buen dia!

Name: Tania
Age: 29
Location: EspaƱa
Learning English
Email Tania
Message: I am from Galicia , in the north west of Spain . I am 29 years old. I am a computer engineer and I need to improve my english because in my job I need to speak with people from other countries.
I am interested to write you short stories or about the news,... and you can correct them and viceversa. I think we could learn a lot.

Name: Natalie
Age: 33
Location: London
Learning Spanish
Email Natalie
Message: Hi I am trying to learn Spanish because its a language I love

Name: ron
Age: 32
Location: V.A
Learning Spanish
Email ron
Message: Quiero aprender espanol. Hay alguien que quiere hablar conmigo?

Name: Stephanie
Age: 18
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Stephanie
Message: I want to improve my spanish immensely. I've taken about 2 years in high school and am finishing up 2 semesters worth of spanish now. I hope to study abroad in Argentina within the next year or two and go to graduate school for hispanic linguistics. Languages fascinate me and I'm a quick learner. I just wanted to have some easy one on one conversations that can help me advance my extremely beginner level spanish skills. I'm finishing up my first year of university as an International Studies major. In the summer I do a lot of camping, running, and kayaking. I also really enjoy video games and watching tv. Anything else you want to know, just ask!

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