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Name: antonio
Age: 41
Location: italia
Learning Spanish
Email antonio
Message: hola, me llamo antonio, tengo 41 anos y soy italiano. Amo la naturaleza los animales, el mar, lagor, montanas. Amo leer , escribir y la fotografia. A6 el deporte e la musica. Amo internet, hacer sitios y blogs. Me gustaria corresponder por email y por correo antonio lelli - via napoli 177 - 71042 cerignola (fg) - italia - muchas gracias!

Name: Julia Leon
Age: 53
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Learning Spanish
Email Julia Leon
Message: I am learning Spanish and would like to practice with someone who is excellent with Spanish and is wanting to learn English. I can help by providing good vocabulary and grammar advice. Or, if you just want to practice with out the advice, that is fine as well.

Name: Josh
Age: 31
Location: Louisville, KY, United States of America
Learning Spanish
Email Josh
Message: I took 4 years of Spanish in high school, but I don't remember much. I've started doing a lot of volunteering in the last couple of years, and I would like to be able to volunteer in some Central and South American countries. I also am planning a trip to Spain this fall to walk the Camino de Santiago. My Spanish is very rusty, but the most I study the more it is coming back to me.

I would like to find someone who speaks both Spanish and English. I am working towards becoming at least conversational in Spanish, and writing/conversing with someone regularly would be helpful. I’m not very good at the Spanish yet, though, so it would be helpful if they also spoke English so that I could express things in both languages until I became fluent enough to do so only in Spanish. I wouldn’t mind if they had a similar goal of improving their English, as well.

Name: Madi
Age: 14
Location: Idaho, US
Learning Spanish
Email Madi
Message: Hi my name is Madi and I am learning Spanish. I have only been learning for about six or seven months so I don't know a lot. I have a lot of hobbies including dance, soccer, photography, cooking, reading, spending time with friends, writing, and others. I am open to anything. :)

Name: mariamia
Age: 34
Location: Slovakia
Learning Spanish
Email mariamia
Message: Hello everyone! I am a 34 years old woman from Slovakia. I speak English and Italia, now I am learning Spanish - for my own pleasure. I like literature, movies and gardening. I can read fairly well in Spanish, but my writing skill is non-existent. I'd like to try some writing - and I would be glad to help my penpal with English or Italian.

Name: Sam
Age: 39
Location: India
Learning Spanish
Email Sam
Message: I am from India. I have a business in Tourism Sector I started learning Spanish, which could help me in business as we have inbound tourists from Spanish speaking countries. Any help to teach Spanish would be welcomed.

Name: jessica
Age: 30
Location: connecticut
Learning Spanish
Email jessica
Message: Hi my name is Jessica. Althought I am 100% PUerto Rican and both ny parents are fluent in spanish. I have trouble speaking the language. I understand it most of the time but I just can't seem to find words when I try to speak it its very frustrating. My mom learned English when she first moved to the states by reading and writing. I figured id give that method a try. I'm looking for someone to write to in spanish daily who can correct me and write back to me. I want to learn how to conversate in the language not just know words. Thanks!


Name: Shaun
Age: 18
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Shaun
Message: Quiero aprender espaniol :)
Tube muchos amigos hispanos cuando estava vivendo en el estado de Georgia pero me mude a hawaii y no hay muchos personas aqui que pueden hablarlo asi que estoy olvidando todo :( Soy medio blanco y japones y puedo hablar los dos. Tengo 18 anios ~~~ Si quieres aprender ingles o japones puedo ensenyarlo ~

Name: Maria Lee
Age: 25
Location: Virginia USA
Learning Spanish
Email Maria Lee
Message: Hola! Soy nuevo en español. Estoy buscando a un amigo. Me gustaria aprender español de usted. Yo te enseñare Ingles a cambio. Por favor escribame atras.

Age: 28
Learning English
Message: Puedo ayudarte a mejorar tu español, mientras yo aprendo ingles.
Me encanta viajar!! y puedo mostrarte cosas de mi país

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