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Name: naeem
Age: 45
Location: Egypt
Learning English
Email naeem
Message: i,am very reliable man any one can depend on me .

Age: 34
Location: MOROCCO
Learning Spanish
Message: hello how r u and how is ur family and the weather there ?
my name mohamed from Morocco
i hope to be ur friend in order to talk and share ideas
if u don't mind please add me in facebook : Mohamed Taayounit

Name: Rosa
Age: 18
Location: Trinidad and Tobago
Learning Spanish
Email Rosa
Message: I'm from trinidad,,,currently doing my degree in spanish,,,need help with my spanish.

Name: Vicente
Age: 41
Location: Valencia (Spain)
Learning English
Email Vicente
Message: Hello, I'm Vicente, from Spain. I learned english when I studied at school... very years ago. Now I want to improve my forgotten english.
I can help you whith your spanish.

Hola, soy Vicente de España. Aprendí ingles cuando estudiaba en el colegio... hace muchos años. Ahora me gustaría mejorar mi olvidado inglés.
Yo puedo ayudarte con tu español.


Name: Vere
Age: 15
Location: Alemania
Learning Spanish
Email Vere
Message: Hola, me llamo vere, soy una chica de casi 16 anos, vivo en alemania y busco a alguien para practicar mi espanol porque me encanta esa lengua.
en mi tiempo libre me gusta practicar deporte, escuchar música y encontrarme con amigos.
me gustaría recibir un email de alguien que sabe hablar espanol y que está interesado/a en un penpal :)

Name: Craig
Age: 17
Location: Arizona, USA
Learning Spanish
Email Craig
Message: necesito ayuda para mi clae espanol

Name: Tori
Age: 16
Location: Florida
Learning Spanish
Email Tori
Message: I'm a 3rd year spanish student in the ib program at my school. I want to make some spanish friends, and learn the details of everyday spanish. I think this would be a great way for me to practice. I like ballet, knitting, reading, and learning. If you like the same things maybe we could be friends =)

Name: Jess
Age: 30
Location: Taipei
Learning Spanish
Email Jess
Message: I am 30 years old female. Liveing in Taiwan, Taipei. just start to learn Spanish. Spanish is very interesting. hope could make friend in Spanish and practice, thanks.

Name: Cody
Age: 15
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Cody
Message: I'm cody. i'm 15, soon to be 16. I like playing percussion instruments, especially mallets(like the marimba, xylophone, vibraphone, glockenspiel, etc...). I like learning languages. i like playing volleyball, badminton, etc.

Name: Meg
Age: 28
Location: Montana, USA
Learning Spanish
Email Meg
Message: Looking to perfect my Spanish- I have a degree in Spanish.
Quiero perfeccionar mi espanol. Me gradue con licencia en espanol.

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