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Name: kenneth
Age: 28
Location: Kenya
Learning Spanish
Email kenneth
Message: I am a rational and openminded person. I have an interest in learning Spanish

Name: Yunyi
Age: 25
Location: EEUU
Learning Spanish
Email Yunyi
Message: Hello;
I am seeking for a native Spanish speaker to exchange cross cultural dialogue with as I find Spanish simply a beautiful language to be acquaint with. I am eager to learn this beautiful language with a potential pen pal and of course exchanging cerebral conversation while assisting each other expanding and improving our needs on the way. If you have the same thought as I do then let’s go chirping!(: By the way, my Spanish skill is very out of form, so if you have the patience to teach me, I would be very much appreciative of your time and energy!(: I look forward to meeting you and exchanging dialogue with you soon!(: Ciao

Name: luis
Age: 40
Location: spain
Learning English
Email luis
Message: to learn, to know different people.

Name: Eric Carlson
Age: 35
Location: California USA
Learning Spanish
Email Eric Carlson
Message: I took a few years of Spanish in High School and College. I am trying to improve to become fluent because I am trying to get a position with my company in Santiago Chile.

Name: afzal
Age: 17
Location: india
Learning Spanish
Email afzal
Message: i am from india

Name: Arina
Age: 14
Location: Russia/USA
Learning Spanish
Email Arina
Message: hola me llamo Arina. Tengo uno gato! Me gusta comer y nadar. I want to learn Spanish! I can help with ingles.

Name: Mhairi
Age: 19
Location: Scotland
Learning Spanish
Email Mhairi
Message: Hola,

Tengo 19 años y estoy aprendiendo hablar español. Esperaba encontrar alguien que podría ayudarme quizá a ampliarme por habilidades españolas.
Cualquier persona que puede ayudar, sería muy agradecido.

Name: CourtneyLou
Age: 12
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email CourtneyLou
Message: I am a 12 Year old girl who is lookign for a Penpal To Chat to, I'd liek someone Spanish, and spanish Emails sent to me. I liek to write and read.

Name: Shane
Age: 38
Location: South Bend, IN, USA
Learning Spanish
Email Shane
Message: Hola,
He sido aprendiendo espanol hace cuatro años. Yo escucho a spanish music y ver peliculas espanol y leer spanish libros y periodicos. Creo que soy casi tener fluidez en espanol, pero me gustaria hacer amigos que habla espanol.

Name: nathalie
Age: 24
Location: netherland
Learning Spanish
Email nathalie
Message: hello. I´m nathalie, 24 years old and live in the Netherlands. since oktober are I´m learning spanish. my hobby´s are: writing letters, reading, shopping, photography, playing games, cycling and a lot more. I´m looking for penpals.

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