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Name: Amanda
Age: 28
Location: Leach
Learning Spanish
Email Amanda
Message: I am a Married woman, and a Mother of four kids. I like playing the piano and guitar. I love to read books. I hope to learn Spanish soon.

Name: D
Age: 24
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email D
Message: I am a young woman who is trying to expound upon my Spanish skills and I would love to have a pen pal who can help me with it :-)

Name: Jimena
Age: 20
Location: peru
Learning English
Email Jimena
Message: holaaa quisiera que me ayuden con mi ingles =) aunque tambien me gustaria aprender otros idiomas como coreano o chino...

Name: Jimena
Age: 20
Location: peru
Learning English
Email Jimena
Message: ...

Name: Kadan
Age: 15
Location: United Kingdom
Learning Spanish
Email Kadan
Message: I am at school and i am learning Spanish and i would like to improve my grades before i leave school.

Name: Rachel
Age: 16
Location: Chicago
Learning Spanish
Email Rachel
Message: Hi i am a high school student in America who would like to help people learn English!
Me llama Rachel. Enseno ingles. Yo hablo poco espano pero puedo ensenar tu ingles.

Name: mira
Age: 50
Location: iran
Learning Spanish
Email mira
Message: I am not from Hezbola.I am not a terrorist but i won't be a spy for any body.i am my own boss and i just like to learn spanish and i don't let anybody to feed me a line.If your are honest I would be your best friend.

Name: Eber
Age: 19
Location: Argentina
Learning English
Email Eber
Message: espero que alguien quiera buscar un amigo para intercambiar textos y conocernos.

Name: Chauni
Age: 16
Location: Australia
Learning Spanish
Email Chauni
Message: Hello! I am in grade eleven at school and I study Spanish. I want to learn more and help people to learn English. :)

Name: Manuel
Age: 40
Location: Spain
Learning English
Email Manuel
Message: I am trying to improve my English and I would also like to know different people and cultures.
I can help you with your Spanish.


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