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Name: nikita lynn
Age: 16
Location: united states
Learning Spanish
Email nikita lynn
Message: I am looking to learn spanish so I can travel when I get older.

Name: Kamil
Age: 31
Location: Russia
Learning Spanish
Email Kamil
Message: Hi.
I look for a penpal for practising in Spanish. I speak fluently English and Russian and can help you with these languages.
Please, answer if you are interested.

Name: Andy
Age: 18
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Andy
Message: Hola a todos. Me llamo Andy, tengo diecioocho años. Hablo muy MUY poco español. Me ayuda por favor!

Name: florenta smets
Age: 31
Location: Belgium
Learning Spanish
Email florenta smets
Message: Hola a todos,
Me llamo Florenta ,soy de Belgica y deseo aprender y lo mas importante comunicar en la linea por internete(como Skype) o otra direccion con nativos espanoles.Lo deseo esto para mejorar mi espanol ,Lo necesito para mi trabajo ,asi tendré la posibilidad comunicar no solamente cuando me encuentro en trabajo pero tambien en mi casa situandome en frente del odenador.Le puedo ayudar si qiueres con otra lengua.
Bueno,espera que encontraré a alguien que me puede ayudar.Gracias a todos,



Name: rosalba
Age: 30
Location: puebla, méxico
Learning English
Email rosalba
Message: hi! every body, i learn english and i really need to practices,please send an e-mail.

Name: Nick
Age: 33
Location: Russia
Learning Spanish
Email Nick
Message: Native Russia, also know English. I'd like to learn Spanish.

Name: Anna
Age: 25
Location: Russia
Learning Spanish
Email Anna
Message: quiero tener amigos )))

Name: Laura
Age: 25
Location: UK
Learning Spanish
Email Laura
Message: I am a 25yr old female from England. I would love some help with learning Spanish. I have been learning for a few months and now I would really like more contact with native Spanish speakers all over the world. I can help you with your English too.

Name: Sophie Churcher
Age: 18
Location: London, England
Learning Spanish
Email Sophie Churcher
Message: Soy inglesa y vivo en londres. Estudio espanol a A-Level y me gustaría una 'Pen-Pal' para practicar la lengua. Contactarme por favor!

Name: Artavius
Age: 17
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Artavius
Message: Hola. My name is Artavius, but most people call me Art. I'm 17 years old and I'm doing my second semester of spanish. I would really like a fun penpal that I can talk to to become more fluent in Spanish.

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