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Name: Ann-Marie
Age: 18
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Ann-Marie
Message: I'm Ann-Marie, 18, learning Spanish :) not sure what else to say really xD

Name: Laura
Age: 17
Location: España
Learning English
Email Laura
Message: Hi! I want improve my english with native speakers.
I play piano, I like pop and R&B music, I like films...

Name: Delia
Age: 35
Location: Trinidad
Learning Spanish
Email Delia
Message: Hola a Todo!

Me llamo Delia. Soy de Trinidad y Tobago, pero ahora estoy viviendo en Amsterdam.

Me gustaría practiar mi espanol. Me encantaría a escribir con otros para este.

hasta luego!

Name: James Frazier
Age: 48
Location: NY
Learning Spanish
Email James Frazier
Message: Hello,
I feel bad. I use to know spanish and now Years later I know nothing. well I know a little. I really need to get back into my spanish. it was my happiness. it a place thats calling me back to learn. I would like to make a friend and help me get to where I belong


Name: an.ya
Age: 20
Location: Rusia
Learning Spanish
Email an.ya
Message: hola) busco a penpals para practicar mi español.

Name: Andrew Slater
Age: 17
Location: Glasgow
Learning Spanish
Email Andrew Slater
Message: im currently learning spanish in glasgow, scotland.

Name: ramiro
Age: 15
Location: argentina
Learning Spanish
Email ramiro
Message: hola mi nombre es ramiro tengo 15 años me dicen Rama y vivo en catamarca, argentina. Soy fanatico de Boca Juniors y juego al futbol.
Me encantaria conocer chicas de 15 a 17 años!

Espero poder perfeccionar mi ingles

Name: Yuri
Age: 33
Location: Japan
Learning Spanish
Email Yuri
Message: Hola! I will turn 33 years old Japanese married female. I am a mom of 1.
I am looking for new snail mail(no e-mail) penpals from Spanish language countries.
I can not speak Spanish,but I hope to learn from you.
And if you are interested in Japan,I can tell you about Japan.
If you are interested in Japan and new penpalling with me,please e-mail me.
But No romance.

Name: Arzu Çevikalp
Age: 27
Location: Turkey
Learning Spanish
Email Arzu Çevikalp
Message: Hi i am studying spanish for 4 years. I want to improve my spanish with native speakers. Just native!!! I live in Turkey. İ like writing and chatting... Please write me

Name: Lil
Age: 33
Location: USA
Learning English
Email Lil
Message: I am looking new friends all over the world and learn other cultures.
Also I want to improve my english.

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