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Name: Colleen
Age: 21
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Colleen
Message: I'm a senior in college looking to practice my spanish! I just returned home after a semester in Granada, Spain and loved it! I love my friends, family, and having fun.

Name: Emma
Age: 16
Location: Sweden
Learning Spanish
Email Emma
Message: HI! I'm looking for a "mailpal" that speeks spanish in the ages 15-17 because I want to improve my spanish. I speak almost fluen english, swedish and I have studied spanish for several years so I'm pretty good at that to (but there is still room for improvement). In my free time I like to play the recorder, write, hang out with my friends and have fun. Do you want to be my mailpal? PLLLEAASEE send an email I will respond to every mail I get

Name: Enzo
Age: 15
Location: Chile
Learning English
Email Enzo
Message: Hi, i'm a chilean boy and i want to learn english. I like so much the rock and metal music and i play the guitar. Also i wanna meet with people to practice my english. If i made a mistake, excuse me xD.

Name: Hannah
Age: 18
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Hannah
Message: I've studied Spanish for 4 years and I want to study it at university and would love to talk to others to improve on the language! I love music, football, going to the cinema, visiting spain and meeting friends!

Name: Juan Carlos
Age: 45
Location: Colombia
Learning English
Email Juan Carlos
Message: I am from Colombia. I am 45 years old. I live in Swistzerland. I am speekers spanish. I am interested an exchange spanish-english

Name: Settit
Age: 17
Location: London, UK
Learning Spanish
Email Settit
Message: Hola,
Vivo en Londres, pero quiero vivier en Italia (porque los chicos!).
Ahora mismo, estoy en colegio estudiendo filosofía, español, litura de ingles y historía.
El proximo vez, voy a Segovia en España trabajar y aprender mas español.
Quiero un/a amigo/a simpatico/a y divertido. Se gustaría peliculas, fiestas, la tele (especialmente Heroes y Smallville), musica etc.
Ayudarme con mi habilidades lenguas y ayudarte con tu ingles.

Hasta luego.

Name: Tom
Age: 24
Location: Austraila
Learning Spanish
Email Tom
Message: I am in need of learning Spanish. Please help me!

Name: Lultsi
Age: 18
Location: Finland
Learning Spanish
Email Lultsi
Message: Kakka kakka.

Name: Pepin
Age: 18
Location: Sevilla
Learning English
Email Pepin

Name: joaquin
Age: 15
Location: Spain, Barcelona
Learning English
Email joaquin
Message: Bueno, tengo algunos conocimientos de inglés pero quiero aprender mucho más. Agregadme.

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