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Name: Antonio
Age: 18
Location: mexico
Learning English
Email Antonio
Message: i like to read, i like to play guitar, i like to leanr another lenguajes, i would like to learn to speak english and to know people that's all

Name: Jake
Age: 16
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Jake
Message: Really do want to get some more penapals pleaseeeee, thanks!!

Name: Jacqueline
Age: 35
Location: North Carolina USA
Learning Spanish
Email Jacqueline
Message: Hi,
I am a nurse working in a busy family practice serving mostly people that are underinsured, migrant workers, and uninsured. I can speak a little Spanish, however, I really want to communicate better with my patients. I would love to chat with someone that can help me learn more Spanish and be comfortable with using it on a daily basis.

Name: Afua
Age: 16
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Afua
Message: i like learning new languages, travelling, reading, writing, singing, dancing

Name: Sara
Age: 17
Location: España
Learning English
Email Sara
Message: Estudio inglés en mi instituto pero quiero mejorar mi nivel por mi cuenta. Estaría encantada de ayudar con su español a cualquiera que lo necesite :D

Name: Paul
Age: 30
Location: Toronto Canada
Learning Spanish
Email Paul
Message: Would love to learn more spanish please help!

Name: jerry
Age: 63
Location: california
Learning Spanish
Email jerry
Message: Hablo espanol y tengo ganas a conocer mas gente quien viven en Mexico y otros paises en las americas. Me gustaria empezar un amistad con otros hombres. Trabajo en educacion aqui en california con los ninos de campesinos. Escribame si quiere saber mas.......gracias

Name: Alexus
Age: 11
Location: Orlando Florida
Learning Spanish
Email Alexus
Message: Well iam 11 years old and i want to learn spanish from a spanish kid.

Name: Melford
Age: 24
Location: Ghana
Learning Spanish
Email Melford
Message: hello there, I am a cool guy from Ghana, west africa.. I am a nice sensitive and caring guy who will love to meet people from all over the world.
Please anybody and everybody is welcome to write me

Name: Makala
Age: 13
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Makala
Message: I like basketball, photogrophy, movies (scary), and funny people!

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