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Name: Lottie
Age: 13
Location: Derby
Learning Spanish
Email Lottie
Message: hey ! i'm Charlotte =)Some call me lottie or chaar :) i'm 13 in year 9 & from derby. i love facebook sometimes but i sometimes prefer bebo it gets addicting sometimes :) . well hmm, i guess i'm suppose to tell you about me. i love to go shopping, go on the computer, spend time with friends & all of that girl stuff. i am very friendly & nice but i don't like bitches OR drama. if you wanna talk to me i suppose you could add me on facebook and or bebo, but just don't be creepy; please. =]

Name: Simon
Age: 17
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Simon
Message: ¡Hola! Soy Simon y quiero mejorar en español para poderlo hablar fluidamente.

Name: Jake
Age: 16
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Jake
Message: Hey, I really need some more friends so that I can learn more Spanish!!

Age: 25
Location: MEXICO
Learning English
Message: I would like to improve my english and know people in other countries. I invite you, you visit mexico, it is very nice!!!

Name: zeila
Age: 16
Location: u.s.
Learning Spanish
Email zeila
Message: hey i need help..

Name: yolanda
Age: 20
Location: california
Learning Spanish
Email yolanda
Message: i need spanish

Name: Sophie
Age: 17
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Sophie
Message: Hi! I'm Sophie and i'm 17. I enjoy designing websites. I can speak some Spanish but i'm looking to improve! I'm very happy to help improve your English and to make new friends :) Please feel free to e-mail me! Thankyou :D

Name: anyela
Age: 17
Location: venezuela
Learning English
Email anyela
Message: well, i would like to learn to speak english because i am studying education major in english... i need your help, please.

Name: David
Age: 18
Location: Asturias
Learning English
Email David
Message: I want learn english / I can help to teach spanish

Name: hanna
Age: 9
Location: nj
Learning Spanish
Email hanna
Message: hi i love reading.

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