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Name: chase
Age: 15
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email chase
Message: Hola! Yo soy un alumno en el colegio y un jugador de fútbol. Me gusta fútbol. Vivo en una isla.

Name: Ana
Age: 22
Location: Belarus
Learning Spanish
Email Ana
Message: ¡Hola! Yo estudio el español, me gusta esta lengua mucho. Pero no la sé muy bien y por eso busco un amigo que me ayadará mejorar el español.
Tambien me gusta diferenres cosas: la música, el deporte, la arte, los libros, la naturaleza. Yo dibujo poco. Tambien me gusta correr en el bosque.

Name: Georgia Boden
Age: 20
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Georgia Boden
Message: I'm a student studying tourism and Spanish and would love to find someone willing to exchange emails and help to improve. I can help you with your English. I enjoy travelling, cinema, music and tv

Name: Marcia Rodriguez
Age: 50
Location: New York
Learning Spanish
Email Marcia Rodriguez
Message: Soy una madre y quiero aprender un poco mas Espanol. Visitaba paises en sudamerica pero hace mucho tiempo hasta mis viajes. Por favor, mandame un mensaje asi podemos comunicar!

Name: Johnson Fletcher
Age: 64
Location: Malaysia
Learning Spanish
Email Johnson Fletcher
Message: Retired teacher looking for penpals to improve my Spanish.

Name: Tommy Beer
Age: 17
Location: North East England
Learning Spanish
Email Tommy Beer
Message: Learning Spanish at A-Level in college. Hopefully finding a Spanish user to communicate with.

Name: martell
Age: 15
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email martell
Message: love sport (espacially football) fun to be around

Name: koby
Age: 16
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email koby
Message: like sport

Name: Kristin
Age: 29
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Kristin
Message: Hi My name is Kristin and I'm 29 years old. I am learning Spanish. I would like a pen pal to help me practice. I began traveling to Mexico when I was very young and fell in love with the language but never learned.

Name: Curtis Eagan
Age: 60
Location: Golconda, IL. USA
Learning Spanish
Email Curtis Eagan
Message: I am a 60 year old man who has been learning spanish over many years. Where I live now has very few spanish speakers. I am preparing to take a trip to Spain in June. I would like to improve my conversation skills in spanish.

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