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Name: naeem
Age: 44
Location: Egypt
Learning Spanish
Email naeem
Message: i,am very reliable man any one can depend on me .

Name: Sandrine
Age: 46
Location: Living in UK BUT FROM FRANCE
Learning Spanish
Email Sandrine
Message: Hello,
I am a french person who teaches a little bit of spanish and a lot of french for a job in a state secondary school in Hampshire, england. I would really like to get the opportunity to practise writing my Spanish as i would like to become more spontaneous and at ease with the language. I have lived in England 20 years. I am married to an english man and we have a son, a daughter, and a massive dog. Espero hablar con una persona maja. Hasta pronto.

Name: Rosemarie Moore
Age: 16
Location: Jamaica
Learning Spanish
Email Rosemarie Moore
Message: I am attentive and fun to be around

Name: Kalen
Age: 20
Location: Australia
Learning Spanish
Email Kalen
Message: I am currently in my second year of my Spanish degree and I would love to find someone to talk to in Spanish via e-mail. My native language is English and I am happy to help you learn it.
Hope to hear from you soon!

Name: Kayla McCord
Age: 17
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Kayla McCord
Message: Yo quiero aprender espanol porque voy en el viajes de misioneros a Honduras todos los anos. Yo puedo ayudarle con ingles a cambio de ayudar con mi espanol. :)

Name: Sophie
Age: 15
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Sophie
Message: Learning Spanish at gcse level.
Looking for a pen pal to help my Spanish and in return will help there English?

Name: proton66
Age: 48
Location: Turkey
Learning Spanish
Email proton66
Message: I am engineer and dealing with construction. I like to have a female penpal to communicate in spanish.
Lets see...

Name: Iva
Age: 26
Location: Bulgaria
Learning Spanish
Email Iva
Message: Me llamo Iva, tengo 26anos y soy de Bulagaria. Querria encontrar pen pal amigos y aprovechar mi espanol.

Name: James
Age: 17
Location: California
Learning Spanish
Email James
Message: Hello! My name is James. I am a proficient Spanish speaker, looking for a PenPal to help me become fluent in the language. I can also help with you learning English, if you would like.

Name: Harry
Age: 41
Location: USA
Learning Spanish
Email Harry
I am not into BS and games.,I dont have the time or the need for it. I am a mild and laid back person and I will always continue to be that way..So if you are about drama and or BS, then you are on the wrong page and I suggest that you take it elsewhere because i will let you know about myself...If that comes across as strong or rude then like I always say,,,It is what it is because people will take things the way they want to....I'm a straight forward and responsible person and will always be real to myself and to those around me..

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