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Name: Debora
Age: 46
Location: Chicago, IL US
Learning Spanish
Email Debora
Message: I am looking forward to meeting new friends while practicing the Spanish I am learning. I am married and have 2 grown children. I work for an eye doctor. I like to read, play cards, swim, listen to music and chat on Facebook.

Name: Willow
Age: 15
Location: California, USA
Learning Spanish
Email Willow
Message: Hola, soy de California y estoy aprendiendo español. Tengo 15 años. Me gusta viajar, bailar, y sacar fotos. Me gustaría hablar con un estudiante en español para aprender la lengua y la cultura de otros países.

Name: Erika Franklin
Age: 29
Location: Georgia
Learning Spanish
Email Erika Franklin
Message: Hello! I currently teach elementary Migrant students who speak mostly Spanish. I took up to Level Four Spanish in high school and some classes in college. I am also currently taking classes to be ESOL certified. I don't know anyone who speaks Spanish and very much want the opportunity to become a more fluent Spanish speaker.

Name: zaheer
Age: 48
Location: sri lanka
Learning English
Email zaheer
Message: i loking my life partner from this site.

Name: Kelly
Age: 26
Location: London, England
Learning Spanish
Email Kelly
Message: Hi!

I'm new to learning Spanish but I'm determined to get to a good level!

I'm a 26 year old female from London. I love playing netball, running, going to the gym and also skiing!

I'm very active in London and try to explore my city as if I was a tourist.

It would be great to email with someone so drop me a line :)



Name: Skylar
Age: 13
Location: Virginia, United States
Learning Spanish
Email Skylar
Message: I'm in my first semester if Spanish and I need help! I have the worst Spanish teacher ever. If you help me out in Spanish I will help you out in English if you need any that is.😂😂. Well please email me if you can help. Kisses Sky.

Name: john michael montaña
Age: 21
Location: colombia
Learning English
Email john michael montaña
Message: a friendly person willing to learn english and meet up more people.

Name: Melanie
Age: 35
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Melanie
Message: I live in the uk and need to email spanish speakers to help with my learning


Name: Amy
Age: 17
Location: Manchester, England
Learning Spanish
Email Amy
Message: Hi, a level student here who wants a Spanish pen pal to help improve my Spanish skills!
Hola, estoy buscando a alguien de mi edad para tener conversaciones con mejorar mi español y espero ayudar a mejorar su inglés!

Name: May
Age: 16
Location: London, England
Learning Spanish
Email May
Message: I am a 16 year old girl studying Spanish at GCSE level. I would like a spanish person to talk to.
Soy una chica y tengo dieciseis años. Estoy estudiendo español para GCSE. Quiero una persona española con quien hablar.

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