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Name: Megan
Age: 17
Location: texas
Learning Spanish
Email Megan
Message: Hi, I'm Megan. I barely know any Spanish, but I desperately need to learn. Some very important people in my life speak it ( boyfriend, in laws)and I don't. I would like to have just one conversation with them without them switching from English to Spanish, but that is wrong to ask. So I need to learn. I've attempted learning, but it won't stick in My head. Will some one please help me with Puerto Rican spanish, slang and everything. I can also help with English.

Name: Jennifer Brazel
Age: 27
Location: Philadelphia
Learning Spanish
Email Jennifer Brazel
Message: Estudiando español para un examen este verano, puedo ayudarte con tu ingles también. :]

Name: Anu Vaisanavy S.Ganaseh Murthy
Age: 15
Location: Malaysia
Learning Spanish
Email Anu Vaisanavy S.Ganaseh Murthy
Message: I love football, cars, going outdoors, reading, drawing and many other things. Oh and I LOVE good food! Email me me if you want to get to know me better. :) Thank you!

Name: Kristen Smith
Age: 27
Location: America
Learning Spanish
Email Kristen Smith
I'm looking for a pen pal so I can practice my Spanish.

Name: Kimberley
Age: 19
Location: Nueva Zealanda
Learning Spanish
Email Kimberley
Message: Hola, soy estudiante universitaria y quiero mejorar mi español. Me gusta mucho aprender idiomas, tocar la música y hacer amigos. ¡Puedo ayudarte aprender el inglés también! Espero que tú me escribas :)

Hi, I am a university student looking to improve my Spanish. I enjoy learning languages, playing music and making friends! I am looking for a long term pen pal. If you would like to write to me, I´d love to hear from you :)

Name: Maite
Age: 33
Location: España
Learning English
Email Maite
Message: Hello!

I'm looking for a pen pal friend. I'm from Valencia (Spain) and I'm learning English.

I'm very interested in improve my English level so I think that a pen pal exchange would be a good idea. I could help you with your Spanish.

If you are interested in it, please send me an e-mail.

I apologise for the mistakes.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Name: Tamie
Age: 37
Location: Afrique
Learning Spanish
Email Tamie
Message: J'aimerai bien apprendre la langue Espagnol a m'aider sur le travail.

Name: Laura Schwetz
Age: 58
Location: Vancouver, Washington, USA
Learning Spanish
Email Laura Schwetz
Message: Quiero placticar con alguien en espanol para mejorar mi espanol.

Name: Penelope (Penny)
Age: 24
Location: England
Learning Spanish
Email Penelope (Penny)
Message: Hi,

I am English and I am learning Spanish. I would love to find a penpal where we could help each other learn each others language and possible even visit each other.
I have a keen interest in latin america also so anyone from Mexico please also email me.

Look forward to hearing from you,



Name: Mack Boutin
Age: 17
Location: United States
Learning Spanish
Email Mack Boutin
Message: I'm a senior in high school taking a Spanish 4 class. I'm looking to learn spanish for more practical uses, so a real person to talk will be more useful than a textbook. I have many interests other than foreign language ranging from sports to technology and chances are I'll be interested in talking about anything.

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